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Friday, December 02, 2005

Hargrove endorses the Liberals

This morning, I learned via Political Staples that Canadian Auto Workers' Union leader Buzz Hargrove had been voicing some questionably supportive comments about the NDP. Today, then, he made it official: he's endorsing the Liberals. Well.

Now, some folks are saying that this might be a good thing--it might just prove to people once and for all that the NDP isn't in the pocket of the unions (and that the Liberals are). One thing's for sure, though, this is going to have repercussions that stretch far beyond the election, no matter what happens on January 23rd.

After thinking about this for a couple of hours, I have no predictions, but I do have two questions. One, if Hargrove thinks that the unions' best interests are "not served by the NDP, but by a minority Liberal government," then how exactly does he propose this mythical minority Liberal government will function if he succeeds in draining away all the NDP's support? And what on earth could Layton possibly have done to piss Buzz off this much?

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