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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Big tent caterpillars

On February 5th, deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff criticized the NDP for working with the Conservatives (and the Liberals, and the Bloc...not that he mentioned that) on rewriting the crappy Tory Clean Air Act.

On February 7th, Garth Turner--an admitted "lifelong conservative"--was welcomed with open arms into the Liberal Party of Canada.

On February 15th, it came out that the Liberals had attempted to lure NDP MPs Penny Priddy and Dawn Black into joining their party (and had been rebuffed).

Apparently, Conservatives and New Democrats working together is just fine with the Liberals--but only as long as they first call themselves Liberals.

(Hat-tip to commenter wilson.)


NO ONE said...

I very much enjoy your wit, IP. Keep it up!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Well, I'm glad somebody enjoyed it. Me, I just ended up having nightmares got it...BIG TENT CATERPILLARS. That's the last time I attempt to be funny right before bedtime!

KevinG said...

We were just kidding about Dawn :)