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Friday, February 16, 2007

A new project

Confidential to the visitor from Waterford, Michigan who just reached my blog with a search on "who's Canada's Governor?": I apologize that my measly little blog wasn't terribly helpful. Isn't it funny how little information there is on the web about the State of Canada? I mean, even the State of Kansas has a whole website, and I've always secretly suspected it was a fictitious place invented by people who just wanted to make America look bad.

You know, we should really rectify this, people. Isn't it about time there was a website for the State of Canada? You know, something that would tell us something about important facts like when and how it joined the Union, who its Governor is (by the way, it's Don Cherry), and what its state flower and state song are (the maple leaf viburnum and "Canada's Really Big," respectively)? With all the technical expertise and writing talent out there, we're exactly the ones to do it.

Anybody want to offer up hosting space?


West End Bob said...

Not sure I'm "one to do it" as it is surprising to me that Don Cherry is the Governor of Canada . . . . I thought it was Celine Dion! :)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans. We needlessly hear such crap from our American neighbours as, "Congratulations, Newfoundland, on getting touch tone dialing;" or, "I am opposed to the pummelling of moose with timbits."

For a more American centric view on such narrow mindedness, I suggest watching Idiocracy. So poignant.

By the way, everyone knows the Governor of Canada is Ookpik.

Québécoise ambulante said...

Let me help your visitor find out more about the 51st state…

Architecture : Preference for the igloo and tipi

Famous natives (a very exhaustive list): Jim Carrey, Sarah McLauchlin, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne... but wait... Aren’t they from Hollywood, California?

Official Languages : English, and some other weird language (aren't they going to impose English-only rules??)

Geography: Quite big

Politics: What the hell does sovereignty mean, anyway?

Local delicacy: Poutine, a popular dish (of questionable ingredients), not the Russian president... but then I wonder if you’re average American has heard of the word altogether...

favorite saying: God bless Am- hum Canada (thanks, SH)