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Saturday, February 03, 2007

An exercise in vanity

A couple of posts back, I began a post by saying: "if I had an IP's Greatest Hits list in my sidebar", which made me think: "Hmm, I could actually do that!" I mean, it's an incredibly arrogant thing to do, but I'm going on three years of blogging now, so why not be a little indulgent now and then?

Anyway, it's there now, if anyone's interested. Apart from a couple of things I threw in that got a lot of undeserved attention, it's pretty much my own incredibly subjective, biased view on what I write that's worth reading. For what that's worth.


Mike said...

Awesome IP...saves my old memory from having to type something into Google to get at your posts.

I hope you post some more and add to the list...

Olaf said...


I mean, it's an incredibly arrogant thing to do

Huh, that's weird, because I've had mine up basically since I had enough posts to fill it. Good to know.

Seriously though, I don't think a greatest hits it's arrogant though - one is only claiming it's the best they can do. I mean, I think some hits are just relatively great. Maybe all of their posts are crap, and their greatest hits are just slightly less crappy.

Just because Milli Vanilli has a greatest hits album (which, of course, they do), doesn't make any of the "hits" great, good, or even tolerable. It was simply the best they could do under the circumstances of sucking.

Anyways, when I have some down time I'll take a browse through, since I've only been around for 6 months or so. I am looking forward to a few IP golden oldies.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


I can't imagine stopping posting altogether--I'll always have something to say about politics. I'll never be as prolific as the multiple-times-per-week "daily news" sort of blogger, and I'll always have the occasional long fallow period while I pay more attention to life than to blogging, but I'll always be back eventually.


Milli Vanilli has a greatest hits album??? *grin*

laura k said...

Where is your post comparing Harper and Hillary Clinton? I just stopped by to grab that URL for tomorrow's wmtc post, and saw your Greatest Hits addition. In my opinion, that should definitely be included!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


You think? Well, all right, then. Done.

Anonymous said...

The "best of" list is so useful I used it the day after you put it up, to point someone to your prop. rep. FAQ. So, yes, a good idea.