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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saskatchewan strikes back!

For years, the other western provinces--and especially Saskatchewan--have suffered from a loss in population as their people have moved to Alberta for work. But Saskatchewan is striking back: these billboards have popped up all over Edmonton. Which, in light of the way the cost of living has shot up 'round these parts, may be the smartest political idea I've heard for a long, long time.


D said...

These billboards are exactly what Alberta (and Saskatchewan) need!

Everyone knows the reason why there are 3 million people are in Alberta is because 1.5 million of them have come from Saskatchewan!

Saskatchewanites, like myself and my family, came to Alberta because it had more opportunities for jobs. The downside - higher cost of living. We'd gladly move back to Saskatchewan if there were known opportunities for us there.

These billboards encourage ex-pat Saskatchewanites (and young Albertans) to explore Saskatcheawn as an viable financial alternative to Alberta.

Great post!

Greg Fingas said...

Great stuff for sure. I just wonder if it can be designed to better mimic the familiar "you'd be home by now" billboard concept: "if you lived in Saskatchewan, you could own this home by now!"

Anonymous said...

IF Saskatchewan had opportunity. What jobs are there in Sask? What opportunity? Great you have easy access to cottages and short commutes, but as soon as you get just a little bit ahead, the damn socialists take it all away.