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Monday, January 02, 2006

More on packing your bags vs. erecting a firewall

American blogger Pam Spaulding of Pandagon reveals that far-right Canadian social conservatives may actually be considering moving to the U.S. over differences with the path Canada is on. I'm sure they don't agree with much of anything that's gone on here in recent years, but they seem to be particularly up in arms over same-sex marriage:

The Reverend Tristan Emmanuel says that for evangelical Christians, "there is a form of persecution taking place in Canada." Emmanuel says the legalization of same-sex marriage, and hate crimes laws that criminalize discrimination against homosexuals, have fueled an intolerance against Bible-believing Christians.

The executive director of the Ontario-based Equipping Christians for the Public-Square Centre warns that that's what American evangelicals could face in the years ahead. Emmanuel is urging his fellow believers to help vote Canada's Liberal government out of office in next months' national election. But he says many Canadian Christians tell him they are ready to give up and move to the United States.
I found that I couldn't help but read that post in the context of the discussion we've been having about western separatists in the Conservative party. I've talked before about just how rare the emigration sentiment is among Canadian conservatives, but even aside from Emmanuel, I've noticed that this might be changing. I find that oddly heartening. Pam is clearly making fun of Emmanuel and the people he represents, but I actually have a great deal of respect for people who would consider a southward migration over political differences with the direction their country wants to take. As an immigrant who once faced a similar situation, that still makes a great deal more sense to me than trying to carve off a piece of Canada--against the wishes of many who live there--and make a separate country out of it. Not to mention that it's more of an individualist's response, which would seem to fit in rather well with many Canadian conservatives' other beliefs.


Hishighness said...

I say good riddance, I'd glady trade the State's lefties for our Righties. That way we could have a veritable utopia and they could have a regressive police state like they've always dreamed of.

WarBicycle said...

I second that.

none said...

I guess the hatred continues by these 2 previous comments. If regressive means head back towards morality, I'm all for it. I don't know what you're progressing to, but it sure isn't goodness and being an upright people.

Anonymous said...

There is a funny piece on Jon Stewart about this very topic- "Born near the USA".

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Oh, that was brilliant! (And it's here, for anyone else who wants to indulge.)