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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some clarifications and a funny

My, my, I sure did take some flak for my "100% more strategy" post, didn't I? Getting linked by the CBC blog report didn't help matters, either. Ah well, I suppose there's nothing wrong with a little infamy.

Just to set the record straight: Yes, I am a legitimate, card-carrying member of the NDP, and no, I am not the spawn of Satan. I'm actually not even a fan of strategic voting. In fact, I think it's a sign--one of many--of an entirely ridiculous electoral system that must change, and soon. But like Greg Morrow of, I also think that it's inevitable, and completely understandable given the way our electoral system distorts our vote. Simply sticking your head in the sand to that fact and admonishing people whenever they try to vote strategically is never going to advance your cause, it's just going to make people think you're a hopeless ideologue.

More importantly, though, I sincerely believe that we can actually prevent most so-called "strategic" voting--i.e., the blind-panic, no-forethought kind--if we teach people how to use real strategy in the way that Greg Morrow does. We can tell most voters--and show them proof--that they don't have to even consider voting strategically, and leave it to those people in the few ridings where it does make a difference to make up their own minds about the situation. The long-term solution, of course, is to fix the system of voting, but in the short-term, sites like Morrow's can help prevent the worst failures of bad voting strategy.

Just to show that I'm not a Liberal mole, though, I'll link to two articles sent to me by one Greg Dwulit. The first one, called "Voting NDP: wasting your vote?" was written during the last election, and the second, "Strategic voting: it's just plain nonsense" was written during this one. They present an alternate perspective to the one I outline here, and are well worth a read.

On another note, this has got to be the most hilarious thing that's happened in this entire election. And you must download the linked .mp3 at the bottom, too. I think his server is overtaxed, so it might take a bit, but it's worth the wait.


Annamarie said...

I agree with your strategy. I've read Morrow's analysis. Don't worry about the 'flak', at least it made people think. Perhaps more of them will start thinking seriously about the need for electoral reform/PR.

Thanks for the humourous link. It was indeed hilarious! Had no problem downloading it. I'm still laughing! Good, after a long day out on the trail. Back out again early tomorrow.

BTW, Dale fixed my template and did some really nice work on my site. He's a genius.

Take care.
Cheers~ Peace~

Anonymous said...

From King Ed:

"Mr. Martin accuses the New Democratic Party of partisanship. Were it not for the NDP putting its interests aside and putting working people’s interests first, the Liberal Party would have been fed to voters last spring.

It now is. And it has run a campaign that at best is incoherent, and at worst is deeply offensive. To women. To members of our armed forces. And to people who long for intellectual honesty in politics once more.

It is clear the Liberal Party no longer has the moral authority to deserve people’s votes. It is, simply, not the party it used to be or the party it portrays.

Mr. Martin’s team is running a campaign based on intellectual dishonesty. Cynical manipulation. And recklessly using significant issues for the sole purpose of continuing Liberal entitlement – which we know is used to benefit Liberal insiders, not working people."

Oh no you didn't! LOL!