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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm busier than a beaver on crack right now, so no real posts for the next couple of days. To tide you over, though, here are some links:

James Bow said absolutely everything I was planning to say about last night's leaders' debate. (This would scare me, but I figure a girl can do worse than thinking more like James Bow than she'd realized.) In short: much improved format, terrific moderator, and while every one of the four did better than last time, Harper and Layton were most on their game.

Yesterday's Ottawa Citizen had the best newspaper story on proportional representation I have ever seen. It's thorough without being too detailed, and it manages to be balanced without getting a single fact wrong.

I'm going to be on the CBC's RadioActive this afternoon, which runs from 4PM to 6PM Mountain Time (6-8 Eastern), as part of a new-Canadian-and-first-time-voters' panel commenting on the election. It's radio, so it doesn't come along with a glimpse at my mug, but anyone who cares to can listen live here.


Anonymous said...

*gasp* And to think I was desparately awaiting your comments on the debates last night. However, your 'busier than a beaver on crack' comment should keep me laughing until your next post :)

I think JL was phenomenal by the way. And did you see that tie? Nice! His comment on proportional representation blew me away. That he made reference to having more women, immigrants and aboriginals in government via such a voting system was enough to win my vote!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


I danced a little jig when I heard the proportional representation question! Or at least I would have if I hadn't been packed like a sardine into a bar.

I couldn't help but notice that Layton was the only one who gave a real answer to that question, too.