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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The quotable ... Mr. Murphy?

Did anyone else notice that today's Globe and Mail is the first one since Jean Brault's testimony that didn't have anything about Gomery or Canadian federal politics above the fold? Maybe everybody involved has secretly gotten together behind the scenes and declared an unofficial Day of Rest, a moment to catch their breath.

What we do get is Rex Murphy's column about how things were destined to explode in this way because we didn't have hockey season this year, which is actually more amusing than annoying for once. It also includes this little gem:

The radiations from the Gomery commission keep the whole play in motion. Warnings from Alfonso Gagliano — that Paul Martin, by initiating the Gomery inquiry in the first place, has inevitably set the stage for the breakup of Canada — rewired chutzpah from the ground up. If the sponsorship mess has renewed the separatist cause, it is a truly bold ingenuity to blame the inquiry into the mess for what that mess has so perversely achieved. I hope no doctors were watching. Illness will now be the fault of diagnosis; we'll blame the Band-Aid for the cut, and the cough on its syrup.
Show of hands, now: how many of us were already thinking something much like that, albeit somewhat less clever?

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