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Friday, February 11, 2005

And a can of whipped cream, and a roll of duct tape ...

There's an interview with the Prime Minister's priest about the definition of marriage in this week's Macleans (Canadian newsweekly). Most of it is pretty much what you might expect from a Catholic from Québec, but it includes this marvelous exchange:

Macleans: In this divide, which side are you on?

Father John Walsh: I find it difficult to come down on one side. We think of family as being a man, a woman, two children, and a gerbil, you know?

What it actually says is amusing enough, but consider for a moment the fact that I initially misread this statement as: "We think of MARRIAGE as being ..."

I was quickly able to piece it together, but alas, in the intervening ten seconds my head had already exploded.