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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Stéphane Dion, slogan snatcher

I'm actually not one of the many who think it will be All Dion's Fault[TM] if the Liberals lose Outremont on Monday--not when the NDP have such a strong candidate and have been working hard in the riding since before day one, and especially not when the Liberals don't seem to have run a proper campaign. But this bit from the Globe and Mail cracked me up, and so I can't resist a jab:

In a radio interview, Mr. Dion remained optimistic.

"It's not the tribulations of one day that will stop me. Some days are good, other days not as good, and you go forward and get results for people," he said.
Apparently, Dion believes that his best chance for beating the NDP in Outremont is co-opting the catchphrase for the NDP's 2006 campaign.


West End Bob said...

Zinnngggg !!

janfromthebruce said...

it's great when the liberal leader takes up your campaign slogan, than you know your "message" is resonating with the public! LOL

Jason Townsend said...

Riiiight. I'm sure if the NDP slogan were "Could you tell me the way to the washroom," politicians all over the world would be "shamelessly ripping that one off" too.

Google ["getting results for people."] Then google ["getting results for people" -NDP] You only lose about 13% of the hits.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Oh, Jason. You're much cooler with a sense of humour--don't give it up for this. ;-)

Jeff said...

Actually, Jack shamelessly ripped that slogan off from the Australia Kangaroo Party's "getting results for marsupials" slogan. Plagiarism ain't cool!

Ryan said...

And this time the Liberals are losing to the NDP, rather than the Conservatives. So who are they blaming? The Conservatives for making the voters want to vote NDP. Looks like this will be the Liberal's tactic from now on, rather than taking responsibility themselves.

I find this interesting. Some Liberals blame the NDP for their election loss, and lament the fact that the NDP didn't just roll over in some ridings, but this time Dion is rolling out the big guns to stop the NDP. Figures.