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Friday, November 17, 2006

Pardon my dust

Sorry about sending all those old posts to your RSS readers, folks. I'm done now, I promise. And I not only have every post I've ever written tagged now (tags! oh frabjous day!), but I also have a new look. If you're reading this in RSS, come see! It's much easier to read, and it also has the benefit of not being freaking ugly. *grin*


Kenn Chaplin said...

Freakingly ugly? With my template I resemble that remark!



Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Nothing like that new blog layout smell!

West End Bob said...

Nice, clean look, IP . . .

I like it! (Especially enjoy the "new blog layout smell"!)

Rob Cottingham said...

It is a thing of grace and beauty.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Hee! Well, you can have it all to yourself now. *grin*

Kuri, west end bound, & Rob,

Thanks! I'm not usually one for changing my layout all willy-nilly, but it was long overdue. Now I've just got to straighten out some of the remaining details--like the "vote for this post on Progressive Bloggers" and "view similar posts on the Canadian Blog Exchange" buttons.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* I liked the old layout.

This one is nice, but the sidebar colour really doesn't agree with my poor old eyes.

But still it's the content that counts. :)

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Well, what are you doing mired in the sidebar anyway? The content is over here! See, over heeeeere! *grin*

Anonymous said...

You need more white space in the design. And frankly the sidebar should be dumped onto a link page somewhere because it takes up far too much room.

As has been noted the important thing is the content, and the best way to present it is to make it look nice. Which is basically typography and that says you need more white space :) Sadly your column widths are pretty good at this point so more white space can be achieved only by killing the sidebar. It actually looks decent if you shrink the window enough to exile the sidebar to the bottom.

Nevertheless it beats the old one, so that's good.

Anyway your content is always good but presenting it nicely is also important I believe.

Andrew said...

Purdy side menu!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Wednesday Keller,

Yeah, you're probably right, but the kinds of things you propose are beyond the customization limits of Blogger, at least with my meagre technical skills. I'm really a crappy designer, too, so there's no guarantee I'd do a halfway decent job even if I had something better than Blogger anyway. And I'm much happier with this one than I was with the other one, which really made me want to tear my eyes out sometimes.


Excellent, one vote for the sidebar!

Anonymous said...

Must say I like it - much easier to read, as the posts have more space and there's not enough scrolling.

Just curious, though - you've changed the comments to French? Moi, j'aime bien que "j'ai dit" quelquechose, mais je ne sais pas si tu l'as fait exprès?

(On second thought, I wonder if it's just that blogspot is now picking up on my location, and assuming that, since I'm in France, I want to read in French? Perhaps I'll go with that...)

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


I didn't change anything to French, so I suspect that's what it must have been!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, tags! Don't you love it when you have to go back and redo something to all your posts! Looks good by the way!