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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Canadian blog awards

Round One Voting in the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards is open. You're allowed to vote once per day until November 21st (since most of the involved blogs are political blogs, this always amuses me--what does this say about bloggers' preferred electoral system?). I was nominated this year for Best Blog, Best Progressive Blog, and Best Blog Post, and will be voting for myself in some of those categories but not in others.

The real reason why I'm making this post, though, is to encourage you to check out my friend the Arrogant Polyglot before deciding to abstain in the Best Culture Blog category. He's smart and funny, he makes linguistics accessible, and he's definitely worth a look. And while I won't be so presumptuous as to encourage you to vote for me over equally and often more-deserving others, I will certainly encourage you to vote for AP over not voting in that category at all!


West End Bob said...

Good Luck, IP!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, let me say thank you, IP, for your kind post. This, of course, explains why I had an unprecedented 54 unique hits on my page yesterday! Thus a whopping 30 hits above my previous record.

And I must say that this post has served as tremendous motivation for to (yes, I chose this archaism on purpose) ensure that the Arrogant Polyglot continues to ramble on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

augh! What happened to your blog?

Is blogger blowing up, or are you transitioning to a new appearance?

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Sorry, sorry! I've switched to the Blogger beta, so pardon my dust while I clean things up a bit 'round these parts.