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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What's that scream I hear? It must be a Republican!

While there's still plenty to be depressed about in the U.S., these headlines are the sort of thing I was talking about when I said that following the U.S. political news had suddenly gotten a lot more fun:

And for good measure, here's Congressional Quarterly's map of the projections for House, Senate, and Governor races this November. It's starting to look awfully blue...

Closer to home, some more IP-specific good news: Vues d'ici's Radical Centrist helped me figure out my little Internet Explorer problem, so now you don't even need a good browser to read my blog! *grin* Thanks, RC!


Anonymous said...

I'm still very hesitant about the election forecasts. American voters have a distressingly short attention span, and pollsters have historically overestimated voter turnout among left wingers. Will all this be erased by one Karl Rove push of "If you think THIS is bad, just think how perverse the place would be with the Democrats in charge!"

Plus, districts in the House of Representitives are notoriously overdesigned to ensure re-election. Non-Americans who want an amusing introduction to our system of gerrymandering might enjoy trying to find my district (NY 28) on the Congressional Quarterly House "current landscape" page -- as a hint I'll tell you that it includes both Buffalo and Rochester.


bza said...

The 98% re-election rate of incumbants may still result in a Republican victory.

I certainly think they will be diminished, but necessarily defeated. I think it will be a very narrow victory whoever wins, perhaps smaller than 10 seats.

laura k said...

Don't forget that the Republicans have stolen two national elections and at least one midterm election so far. At this point it probably doesn't matter how anyone votes.

And thanks for the link. :)