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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

There's something missing here

Every week I listen to U.S. National Public Radio's Diane Rehm Show Friday News Roundup on podcast. It's a panel of journalists who get together to talk about the week's stories, after which callers from across the country have a chance to call in and comment. While it presents voices from across the political spectrum, this is hardly Fox News's version of "fair and balanced"; Rehm is the epitome of a fair host, the journalists usually come up with quite a layered analysis, and the listeners who call in generally skew left. National Public Radio is also the closest you get to real public broadcasting in the U.S.

Throughout the time I've been listening to the podcast--about eight months now--the panel has often discussed the war in Afghanistan. Casualties, skirmishes, insurgents, and the possibility of a pullout or a relocation of troops to Iraq. But in the midst of this, there's a word that hasn't been mentioned once: Canada. Not when Canada's troops were moved to southern Afghanistan, not when Harper extended the mission, not when Canadian soldiers have died, not when Canada was asked to take over the mission entirely. Not once. For all the Diane Rehm Show's listeners are aware--and we're talking about a pretty elite slice of the U.S., all things told--the U.S. is all alone out there.

It's gives me pause.


BlueBerry Pick'n said...

Damn right it should. You're BANG ON BABY.

in EVERY war Canadians & Aussies have been used as cannon fodder for the greater 'empires'.

I'm a strong believer in Commonwealth, but I gotta say, we get NO RESPECT from the Americans.

did you know we're up to SIX TIMES more likely to be killed in Afghanistan than Americans in Iraq?

do Americans care? no
do Canadians care? dunno


I thought Bush didn't CARE or THINK about Bin Laden anymore...

Canadian Craft Services for the CorporateOccupation... while they steam onwards towards IRAN...

& Bush signed the "Torture is COOL" Bill yesterday.

goodie: Harper is making FRIENDS with these people.

Spread LOVE!,
BlueBerry Pick'n
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West End Bound said...

We listen to Diane Rehm daily, but especially enjoy the Friday News Roundup - going to two full hours soon, BTW.

In all fairness, it is not only her show that slights Canadian and other allies in the wars the US starts. It is rare or never that efforts/deaths of other nation's forces are noted by any of the national media. We read about in by checking online Canadian publications and webcasts. Believe me, most US residents have no clue - but then, most of them "block out" US military casualties also as they are numbed to the results of ill-conceived military operations.

Let's not even begin to think of the apathy of most people concerning the deaths of innocent civilians in the countries affected . . . .

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

west end bound,

I think what gets me is that the spin is so different here. Canada is a leader in Afghanistan. Canada's going to be entrusted with taking over the mission. Canada is not just pulling its weight, but in many ways, it's in charge.

The U.S. is having none of it, though. The difference is just so striking.

running42k said...

Interesting. I recall a few months ago that our dear leader had taken out ads in the Washington subway system that was highlighting Canada's role in Afghanistan. Either these folks don't ride the subway or the ads aren't that eyecatching.

Lone Primate said...

Support Our Troops: bring them home, alive, to look after our country... instead of destroying someone else's.