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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Drinking pragmatically this Saturday?

The big James-Bow-book-launch, southwestern-Ontario-Blogstravaganza event is still on for next weekend, but Canadian Cynic and I have been thinking there should be a warmup event this Saturday as well. Since I'm a mere visitor to this fair city of Waterloo, I'm unfamiliar with the local watering holes, but CC is suggesting that we find a place where we can get some local brews, and that's just fine with me. (When in Rome, you know.) So, anyone out there in K-W or easy striking distance game to join us? I realize that it's a long weekend, but surely some of you are as holiday-deprived as this idealistic pragmatist, yes?

The date is Saturday, May 20th, the time is 7pm, and the place is to be announced (though CC and I are taking suggestions).

[Update: The tentative plan is to meet at the Huether Hotel.]

[Upperdate: Location discussion going on over at Canadian Cynic's pad.]

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running42k said...

The Brick Brewery makes some great beers but try Wellington Brewery from Guelph. Iron Duke is a great ale.