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Friday, May 05, 2006

Attention southwestern Ontarians

If you're in or within easy reach of southwestern Ontario, there are two major reasons to come to the official launch of James Bow's first novel at the Waterloo Public Library at 2:00 on Saturday, May 27th. First and most importantly, James is one of the Canadian political blogosphere's longest-running and strongest voices, and he deserves our support for accomplishing the rather daunting task of managing to write and sell a novel. And secondly, right after the conclusion of the event, the book launch will turn into a blogstravaganza, with all the bloggers (and blog readers) in attendance going for drinks and conversation. I will even be there myself, as I'm spending the month of May in Waterloo to work with my colleague at the university here.

It's a few weeks off yet, but since it's coming up on summer and everybody's scattering to the four winds, you should all mark your calendars! It would be great fun if a whole bunch of you came out to say hello.


Annamarie said...

I'd love to go, especially if you're going to be there too. It's just that I don't drive so I'll have to see if anyone from Brampton wants to go. Please send me an email to remind me.


annamarie :)

Annamarie said...

P.S. Wonder if there are any other ProgBloggers from the Brampton area? If you perchance hear of any, please let me know. (As you can see, I'd really like to go and say hello to everyone! :)


Oxford County Liberals said...

Well, I'd certainly be game for going and meeting James and any other bloggers (Prog Bloggers or otherwise) but I'd need two things for that to happen; since I dont drive, I'd be having to take the train, and the nearest stop to Waterloo from VIA is either Kitchener or Guelph.

So a) some kind soul would have to pick me up.. and b) I'd have to get back to Kitchener or Guelph on Sunday AM for the return trip to Chatham. (Thats also presuming I'm staying the night in Waterloo someplace).

A bit of a conditional maybe there ;)

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Annamarie and Scott,

Unfortunately I don't have a car here either, and I suspect you wouldn't fit into my bike trailer. :-) But it would be great if you could make it! I wonder if there are city buses? I'm afraid you might have to ask a real-live local for things like schedules, but it sounds at least somewhat possible.

I wonder, too, if there might not be a carpooling possibility here. Scott, maybe you could say something about this at Progressive Bloggers?

Oxford County Liberals said...

If I remember, I'll mention it tomorrow or sometime next week