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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2005 Canadian Blog Awards

Robert of MyBlahg fame is accepting nominations for the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards. Nominations are open until November 20. The categories are:

Best Blog
Best Liberal Blog (small-l-liberal, i.e., all lefties)
Best Conservative Blog (all uh, righties? is that a word?)
Best New Blog (blogs that started in 2005)
Best Group Blog
Best Humour Blog
Best Photo Blog
Best Culture Blog (art, literature, movies, music, etc.)
Best Personal Blog
Best Media Blog (for journalist-bloggers)
Best Business Blog
Best Religious Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Blog Post
Best Blog Post Series

This is the second year the awards have run; the results of last year's awards can be found here.


Anonymous said...

...and you've been nominated. :)

I don't know who I'll vote for yet, but I think it's important to recognize the blogs I enjoy by nominating them.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Thank you so much!

With things like this, "it's an honour just to be nominated" is really true, because being nominated brings you more traffic even if you don't end up winning. So, yay. :-)