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Friday, October 14, 2005

2005 Canadian blog survey

Aaron Braaten of Grandinite has posted the results to his 2005 Canadian blog survey (which will comprise the data for his master's thesis in Economics at the University of Alberta), with the preliminary results available as a .pdf file. A few random tidbits:

Politically, respondents indicated a strong preference for the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democrats.

The number one reason for blogging: to write.

Blog readers had a higher tendency to be male than bloggers.
And then there's my favourite paragraph:
Bloggers had a greater tendency to be single, whereas blog readers had a greater tendency to be married. Just as a related observation, in my own blogging experience an oft-cited complaint is that the font is too small to read.
Your guess is as good as mine what he meant by this. Is the implication that marriage makes you go blind?

Even without the random connections between marital status and vision impairment, though, it's an interesting bunch of stats. As a data nut, I love this sort of thing. Thanks for making us your guinea pigs, Aaron.

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