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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just say no!

I am hereby starting a "stop nomenclature abuse and recycling" campaign (SNARC for short). Anybody who uses a new political term that already means something else, elsewhere in the political world gets a demerit. Anyone who comes up with an alternate original term and makes an attempt at propagating it gets a great big kiss. He (or she) with the most demerits loses. She (or he) with the most kisses can die happy.

Oh, and ten bonus demerits automatically go to anyone referring to Ralph Klein's health care plan as the Third Way or to U.S. Congressional Clinton-lovers as New Democrats. Because I said so.


LeoPetr said...

"Economically liberal" invariably ticks me off, as it can mean anything from an American Social Democrat to a Euro Free Trade type to Clintonista to Libertarian. I wish no one used that phrase at all.:P

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Are there any American social democrats? I actually left in large part because there weren't ... :-)

Anonymous said...

What's with recycling programs? I just wonder how they affect people. Garbage is still existent and people continue to throw wastes. This will not change.