Resisting the pull of cynicism since 1969.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


From day one, the tagline of this blog was "resisting the pull of cynicism since 1969." Well, in case it isn't obvious from the few posts I have managed to eke out since early 2009 or so, I've stopped resisting.

Which means I seem to have nothing more to say here, unfortunately. Friends who know me in person have suggested that I rechristen myself "Cynical Pragmatist" and start bringing the snark, but while I'm certainly capable of writing that sort of thing, doing so has always made me feel terrible--and who blogs to feel bad? I guess part of me always thought the cynicism would disappear as quickly as it descended, and I would eventually come back to blogging (I actually still do believe what I once wrote about cynicism, after all), but it's still there. So, silence. I'll keep the blog up indefinitely for those who like to refer back to old posts, but there won't be any more.

I'm still around in other blogs' comments sections (I do still read about politics even though I choose not to write about it), and on facebook, for those who want to keep in touch. And those of you who are still the kinds of idealistic pragmatists who believe the world can be made a better place through nuanced, level-headed dialogue and a critical examination of facts and evidence, I both envy and respect you. Keep the faith.

Over and out,


Ian said...

Your insights are missed Jennie. There's at least an Ekos poll out today with the NDP at almost 20% nationally if that helps your optimism.

West End Bob said...

Not a post I've wanted to see, but I can understand having gone through a similar realization.

You will be missed, IP/Jennie . . . .

Deanna said...

I've already been missing you for a while. I'm sorry to hear about the cynicism winning out. Hope you come out the other side someday. Take care.