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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Alex* M*cDon*, the Member of Parliament for Halifax

I'm still wading my way through everything that's happened in Canadian politics over the last month, but I did notice the announcement about Halifax MP Alexa McDonough that she plans to retire from politics when the next election is called. After thirty years of public service, this could in no way be called an early retirement, and I'm sure McDonough will be missed both inside the NDP and out.

The Halifax NDP will undoubtedly be looking for a strong candidate to fill her shoes, though, so I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest the candidate who came within eight points of beating Peter McKay in a different Nova Scotia riding in the 2006 election. I met her once briefly, and I was very impressed with her--she's young, energetic, a fantastic speaker, and incredibly smart. She's said she doesn't want to run again there, but largely because she's since moved to Halifax. Oh, and did I mention that her name is Alexis MacDonald? Now, there's some name confusion that could really work for you...


Greg Fingas said...

The Chronicle Herald mentions MacDonald as "another name out there", but lists at least four other possibilities (three current Halifax MLAs and a top figure in CUPE). It looks like no matter what the NDP will have the upper hand in defending the seat - though I'd agree that MacDonald is likely the strongest of the lot.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Thanks for the link! Personally, I can't imagine any Nova Scotia NDP MLA making the jump to federal politics just as they're poised to win the next provincial election, but the other two look like real possibilities.

Mark Greenan said...

Alexis is from my hometown and I know her family. She would be a stellar MP (or MLA) and I would imagine she would do well in what promises to be a hotly contested nomination.

And I agree if would seem strange that a NDP MLA would quit just as it seems inevitable they will win government.

Does anyone else find it funny to hear Liberals talk about winning Halifax? Putting effort into doing that sounds to me like a great way to lose Dartmouth or Halifax West.