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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Word power

Rob Cottingham is one of the distinguished veterans of Canada's fledgling blogging scene, with posts that date all the way back to April of 2001. Now, together with his partner in work and in life, Alexandra Samuel, he's offering a blogging workshop out at the Hollyhock Centre on British Columbia's Cortes Island. (Alex is hardly a novice at these things, either--she's a renowned expert in online communication and politics with a Ph.D. in the area from Harvard University.)

The workshop-cum-retreat lasts a full four days, and means not just a chance to learn about blogging and hang out with a bunch of other bloggers, it also means doing all that in front of landscapes like this. If I weren't going to be spending the month of May out in good old Waterloo, Ontario for work, I'd go.


Scott Piatkowski said...

Welcome (prematurely) to beautiful Kitchener-Waterloo.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Thanks! I spend a month out there every year, so it's almost like an additional home by now.

I'm actually hoping to get together with other bloggers while I'm out there--I've already talked about it with Greg Staples and Sinister Greg. I'll be posting something about it as the time gets closer.