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Monday, June 18, 2007

Waterloo blogstravaganza, take two

I'm currently on my yearly work-related trip to Waterloo, Ontario, and have therefore decreed that there must be a reprise of last year's Waterloo-area blogger herding event at the Huether Hotel. Sinister Greg, James Bow, and Greg Staples have been herded--so perhaps the Canadian Cynic and his co-blogger the Pretty Shaved Ape could have their arms twisted as well? Here's hoping!

They call it a hotel, but the Huether is actually a great little microbrewery in the heart of Waterloo's "uptown" with excellent brews (though there's plenty to offer the non-beer-drinkers as well). There's even a patio if the weather plays along. All are welcome to join us at 2PM on Saturday, June 23: bloggers and blog readers alike, of all political stripes. Last year's event was great, laid-back fun--and none of us bite. I promise!

[Update: Could there be a better forecast for tomorrow? I think not! It's patio time!]


Jennifer Smith said...

Ooh! Ooh! Ok, I'm from Milton, but that's kinda local - can I come anyway? I have to be in Guelph at 5:00 for the Fairy Festival (don't ask), but that would still leave a bit of time to meet and greet.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Of course you can come! Anybody who's willing to drive(/cycle/walk/fly) to Waterloo can come.

Besides, it'd remind people that I'm not the only female-type-person who does this blogging thing. Hope you can make it!

Matt said...

Hmmm... Guelph really isn't all that far from Waterloo either. But it's also Pride weekend in Toronto, so I'm not sure if its siren song will lure me to a patio there.

How long are you in Southern Ontario for? Can you be lured for coffee at another time?

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Oh, I was afraid we'd lose you to the big event. How sad. Well, if you change your mind and feel like something a little more low-key, you know you're welcome.

I'll be here another week after this weekend, but there are no more weekends, unfortunately. Would you be able to meet up during the week, maybe for dinner some evening? It'd have to be here in Waterloo, as my only transportation is a (very odd) bicycle...

Ferdzy said...

I hope to be there.

Regards, Ferdzy

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Excellent! See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It was the quintesential blogging experience. There were 7 (i hope I counted right). 6 were bloggers with at least 9 blogs between them and one was a fan. The women were outnumberd 5 to 2. The signal to noise ratio was terrible with only short bursts of conversation being possible between the rather loud bursts of music.

It was almost as good as being on line! :)

I had a great time.

Ferdzy said...

Yes, thank you very much for hosting this. It was lovely to be able to shriek at people in real life and I enjoyed meeting everyone.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Edwin and Ferdzy,

HA! You two crack me up.

It was great fun, wasn't it? We really need to do it again next year.