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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cherniak logic

You know, I thought I was too busy to comment on the whole Robert McClelland fiasco. But when Jason Cherniak willfully murders logic, I have a tough time standing idly by:

[N]one of the NDP bloggers have a readership equivalent to me or Kinsella. I know this because a link from Robert gives me about 60 hits. When I link to something, it is more like 1000. [...] Consider why NDP blogs have such low readership. [...] I suspect that I have helped the NDP much more than I have helped the Liberal Party today.
Let's have a look at the string of leaps, here:

Observation 1: Cherniak got linked by a Blogging Dipper once, and got 60 hits.

Observation 2: Cherniak linked to one of his other own blogs once, and got 1000 hits.

Assumption 1: The discrepancy in hits couldn't possibly have anything to do with the particular posts in question, their individual authors, or the timing of said posts, but must necessarily reflect the regular readership of the blogs in question.

Assumption 2: All other blogs written by New Democrats must have exactly the same low readership as the blogger mentioned in Observation 1.

Assumption 3: The reason for this widespread low readership of blogs written by New Democrats is because the blogger mentioned in Observation 1 is an odious twit, and couldn't possibly have anything to do with the topics New Democrats choose to write about, their posting frequency, or the fact that their party gets a lower percentage of the vote than Cherniak's party.

Conclusion 1: By getting the NDP to condemn the blogger mentioned in Observation 1, Cherniak took a step toward ridding the Blogging Dippers of an odious twit.

Conclusion 2: Therefore, Cherniak has helped the entire New Democratic Party, despite the fact that said party has no link at all to the Blogging Dippers, and the fact that the odious twit in question was never even a member of the party.

All I can say is that it's a very good thing Cherniak became a lawyer and not a doctor.


Jason Cherniak said...

Lol. I never claimed to be putting forward a logical proof.

Mike said...

Easy IP, don't cross Don Cherniak...he'll make phone calls.


Anonymous said...

Good post! The hot air around Chenayuk is going to burst sometime and he will realize that he doesn't have many friends.

Anonymous said...

Cherniak is as progressive as my turd, that I just flushed. It was one of those self-important turds, that wouldn't just go down. I flushed twice and it just went around in circles smugly.

But did it ever smell like shit. When it finally went down the drain, circular-like, it was screaming, "I'm a Liberal! Bay Street here I come!"

JC, do you know shame?

Allan D.

Anonymous said...

Cherniak's an egregious liar with only a grudging respect for the truth and for facts. Chomsky a holocaust denier? Good lord...

Every single one of his assertions has to be challenged. I don't even think he even knows when he's lying anymore.

Kinsella has taught him well...

janfromthebruce said...

When I read Jason's blog post about why he did what he did and that completely illogical assertion, I wondered how he actually got a university degree let alone got accepted into law school. Does he really believe his own bulls--t or does he think most bloggers are that stupid?

Anonymous said...

I was in agreement with Jason's first post (except for his libelling of Chomsky).

But his "justification post" actually made him about as bad as Robert in my view, because he exposed himself as a calculating, scheming little troll who spends his waking hours plotting against others.

Very ugly, and I am sure the Jewish community won't be too proud of him.

West End Bob said...

All I can say is that it's a very good thing Cherniak became a lawyer and not a doctor.

Loved that line!! LOL

Thanks once again, IP, for my daily chuckle. Made me feel almost as good as scooter libby being found guilty today . . . .

SteelCityGrit said...

You're absolutely right. Anti-semitism ain't going to get me out of bed.
But when a little troll (who is taken seriously by no one except you bloggin' folk who allow him to create in you such angst) commits improper logic - this must be exposed!
Ah the social conscience of our polity. Praise the NDP for its iron-fast grasp of priorities!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Congratulations, you officially have less of a sense of humour than Cherniak himself! There should definitely be some sort of prize for that one.

Erik said...

You forgot the Assumption 4:
NDP bloggers like to press a link by Mr. Libel Cherniak as much as Conservative Libs like to read his partisan junk.

Bad lawyers make indeed bad doctors.

Candace said...

I have to agree with west end bound!

Chris said...

Cherniak's a goof and political hack. I wouldn't ever click on a link to his blog. I have better judgement than that.

Jason Cherniak said...

Then how do you know anything about me, Chris?

Anonymous said...

I took a look at this Liblogs thing and there is a non profit outfit that all the blogs on the "list" belolng to, and it seems from a legal notice on the blog that all original material in any of them belongs to that non profit organization. All original contents? That is what it says. Who are the proprietors I have not yet found out, but this is a strange way to organize what is billed as blogs that support the Liberals. Maybe it is this Cherniak they support.

Then there is the list itself, and my impression is that this is a pretty tame group or else the one who sets up the review of the blogs prefers pretty tame results. I would have named it the Tiddeley Cove Odd Items and Soft Comment Tea Circle.
And quite a few of them do not sound like Liberal supporters at all. With a cluster of pals like these Dion better not charter a bus, most would drop off at the first interesting spot, original contents and all.
On top of this it seems the man himself is ferociously advancing the cause of the Israeli lobby and has called Chomsky an anti semite which puts him in the company of some very bad characters.
Exactly how can Dion possibly benefit from such "support".