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Friday, January 05, 2007

Reporting for duty

*peeks out from under rock*

*picks self up, dusts self off*

So. Anybody want to give me a rundown of what's been happening while I've been hibernating?


Robert McClelland said...

The NDP was declared dead and have since been ressurected. The battle for Middle, I mean a $10 minimum wage is in full swing and Canada's New Cabinet now comes with 20% more nuts. Oh, and Cherniak is a blubbering baby.

Robert McClelland said...

Almost forgot. A few of us pitchfork wielding dippers stormed the gates of NDP HQ to demand changes. More here and here.

Anonymous said...


a) silly internet shenanigans that no will remember in one month or
b) shameful acts that no one will ever live down as long as they shall live!!!

I lean towards (a) actually.

West End Bob said...

Snow in Vancouver, heat wave in Toronto . . . Hot air in Ottawa - some things never change, eh?

kenlister1 said...

I know you are very worried that the conservative candidate from 2006 in Mississauga Streetsville, Raminder Gill, will contest the nomination against Wajid Khan.
Fear not! Raminder Gill was APPOINTED to be a Citizenship Judge on October 31 2006! ...

Coincidence? Or did Monte Solberg bribe Raminder Gill with a nice patronage appointment to clear the way for Wajid Khan?

kenlister1 said...

i can see it right now. February twenty something...Headlines:

Layton makes deal with the Devil

Today Jack Layton made a deal with Stephen Harper promising the support of the NDP for the upcoming budget vote in exchange for 2 billion dollars worth of increased funding to help Canada meet Kyoto targets. Surprisingly, many NDP MP's seem to still support Layton and suddenly are not concerned about supporting a budget that still ignores the Kelowna Accord, Childcare, Wait times, and a party that wants our soldiers in Afghanastan indefinitely.

Dream...or Foreshadowing?

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Hey, I asked about the past? What's with pointing your time machine into the future? *grin*