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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Postscript to the echo chamber post

If I had an "IP's greatest hits" sidebar, one post I'd put there is "Blogging, feminism, and critical thinking." I wrote it way back in November of 2005, in response to the last uproar over Canadian women bloggers.

If you've joined me since then (likely), and you're inclined to go back and read bloggers' old posts when they've been dubbed particularly good (somewhat less likely), it might interest you.


West End Bound said...


Thanks for pointing that one out - Good job!

Berlynn said...

Wow! That was a great read. Thanks.

If I might add just one thing, though, and I may be going at the "why" a little strongly, but I suggest that the commonly used definition of political is not a women-friendly one. For me, a feminist, the personal is political, and so any personal post is also a political post. You or Jo Snow may not get the larger political relevance of it, but with a bit of digging, it can be found.

Unfortunately, our society is filled with rather lazy thinkers and our larger political world populated with ideologues. Deep thinking is becoming a lost art and that is a sorry state.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

west end bound,

Thanks! Maybe I really should do an "IP's Greatest Hits" sidebar. Maybe the next time I have a free moment (i.e., probably sometime in May).


Yeah, that's true. That's actually part of what I was trying (somewhat less eloquently) to get at when I said "Some have suggested that many women's blogs, when political, don't tend to be purely political, and thus go unnoticed." Kuri also made a similar observation in response to the original post.

(Confidential to Kuri: I think that might have been your first comment 'round these parts, actually. Ah, nostalgia!)

Deanna said...

Hey, I see you answered me way back then. I didn't notice at the time.

And now I'm going to be bad and link our political rp site from my name. Click at your own risk, IP! :D

Kuri said...

(Confidential to Kuri: I think that might have been your first comment 'round these parts, actually. Ah, nostalgia!)

And I'm still here! :D

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Nooooooo! *grin*