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Saturday, September 30, 2006

What feminism has done for me

Jason Cherniak tagged me with the "What Feminism Has Done For Me" meme. I didn't have time to get to it right away, but I figure it's better late than never.

1. Because of the work of feminists in generations before, I was able to choose a career other than maid, elementary school teacher, or nurse (all of which are jobs I would entirely suck at).

2. Feminism made it possible for me to choose not to have a husband or to be a mother.

3. Feminism made it possible for me to travel the world and live in several different countries as a young woman, despite the fact that I often had no chaperones and took care of my own affairs.

4. Because of feminism, medical research and medical professionals take women's bodies much more seriously than they used to. This means that if I were to go to the doctor with a brain tumour, I would be much less likely to be told that it was just menopause and be given a prescription for heavy duty tranquilizers.

5. Feminism has changed society enough that if I chose to write my blog under my own name, most people would still take my opinions seriously.

I loathe the practice of tagging, but I've been told that it's mandatory. So how about taking this as a list of people I'd most like to hear responses from, but without peer pressure:

1. Rivka from Respectful of Otters
2. Kevin G. from Odd Thoughts
3. Radical Centrist from Vues d'ici
4. Matthew Hayday from Pample the Moose
5. La Québécoise ambulante


Oxford County Liberals said...

Considering National Women's Month doesnt start til Monday, and the fact that I know a few bloggers who are holding off posting their lists til then... this isnt late at all. THanks for the listing, and I'll keep an eye on your tags to see if they follow thru. (I presume you've let them know about the tagging).

If they need to know what its about, link back to our thread is here.

Thanks again.

Oxford County Liberals said...

PS - I'm not sure who told you that... but tagging isnt mandatory with this.

It's nice to let others know about whats going on, but I certainly didnt make this mandatory.

Darren Mallory said...


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Olaf said...


I have responded to the feminism/SWC debate on my blog. I used your 5 things as a jumping off point for my disagreement with the contemporary relevance of status of women canada.

As a politically active female-type-blogger person, I would greatly appreciate your consideration and response, and insights on the points I raise.