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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Other first-hand takes on the convention

In case you didn't get enough of the NDP convention from my own crazy-long post, here are a couple of links to other people's takes:

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative did some liveblogging from the convention itself.

Joshua Kubinec gives us his own chronological rundown of events. [Update: He also has a review of the youth convention and of Friday and a bunch of pictures.]

Dinner Table Donts has a short summary post and a later post on Shirley Douglas and public health care. [Update: I had missed his earlier post on Thursday's youth convention.]

Kenn Chaplin also writes a brief 'I'm back' post and then follows it up with some criticism of the procedural difficulties of getting resolutions to the floor and his take on the LGBT caucus meeting. [Update: He's also added a post about the Malalai Joya keynote, including some choice quotes.]

Put a Candle In the Window has some praise and some criticism.

[Update: Stephen from the Hive also has some praise and some criticism.

Jean-François from From the Mind of a Netjin is angry.]

[Update: Northern B.C. Dipper describes the youth convention, talks about the convention's core message, describes the process for voting on resolutions, and analyzes what the Sherbrooke Declaration really means.]

And finally, there were the three official NDP bloggers: Tiffany, Charlie, and Mathieu.



Stephen Gordon of Worthwhile Canadian Initiative live blogged from the convention

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