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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Meeting up in Quebec City?

Two weeks from tomorrow, I will be winging my way to Montreal, and then joining up with NDPers from across Canada to take the free NDP Express Train from there to Quebec City for Convention 2006. Will any other NDP bloggers/blog readers be attending? The schedule looks pretty jam-packed, but it would be a shame if we were all there and didn't manage to meet up even once.

Anybody else going? Anybody else up for a bloggers' meetup?

Update: I've gotten two inquiries in email so far, so...if you don't want to put your name out there for the world to read, you can reach me in email at idealisticpragmatist at gmail dot com.

Upperdate: Okay, I've now got several inquiries, but I'm trying to see if I can spread the word a little further. I've sent out email on this to all the Blogging Dippers whose email addresses I could find, to ask if they're going to be at convention and might be interested in a bloggers' lunch or something similar. If you wanted to help perpetuate this beyond my blog's readership, it'd be great if you could link to this post in your own blog. Thanks!

6 September update: The bloggers' meetup is scheduled for Saturday lunchtime, at an inexpensive restaurant not far from the convention hotel. Reservations have been made for the group that's already told me they could make it, but all it takes to get you added is a quick note to me (idealisticpragmatist at gmail dot com) saying that you'd like to come as well! The more the merrier--I just need to let the restaurant know how many we are. To be absolutely certain you reach me, you should email me tonight by 10PM mountain time (midnight eastern time), as I'm hopping a very early flight tomorrow.


eugene plawiuk said...

Wow you can afford to go to the convention?!

Joshua Kubinec said...

I will be there and am interested in a meet-up! I'll email you.

bza said...

I'll be there.

Eugene, the party has been advertising it as the convention with the "lowest delegate since 1979!". ;)

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Can you either email me or leave your email here? I'll be in touch!

Meag said...

There are a ton of ways to cut down costs if you are so inclined, by hosteling it, finding alternative transportation (like carpooling) and other small things...

If you're looking for suggestions email me at


Idealistic Pragmatist said...


I suspect the issue for Eugene isn't the convention itself (which, as you rightly say is mostly pretty affordable if you live cheaply while you're out there), but getting to the convention. Carpooling isn't really an option when you're out here in Edmonton! It isn't the NDP's fault that Canada is so massive, of course, but there really is a huge disadvantage for people coming from further away, despite all the help the party is giving people.

Does this mean you'll be there, by the way? Interested in coming to the bloggers' meetup?

Kenn Chaplin (mail: kenngc at sympatico dot ca) said...

I'll be there (with or without my computer, I'm not sure) and would happily meet up.

Meag said...

I will be there, however i'm not really a blogger. I'm one of the administrators on the U of Ottawa website at which was intitally designed by the Guepe - but that's about it!

I will be there with the rest of the Ontario New Democratic Youth.

I completely understand the huge disadvantages for those people coming from much further away than's all part in parcel with living in Canada I suppose.

Are they offering travel subsidies for adults that are not gainfully employed? I know they are offering a bit for youth but I suspect there may be something for adults as well. I'm not entirely sure though.

All you can hope is that next time it will be held in your neck of the woods!


Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Well, you're more than welcome to join us as a blog reader. Wouldn't want to exclude readers--they're our virtual bread and butter! *grin* Just let me know.

In addition to the free train and the cheaper fares on Air Canada and Viarail, there are travel subsidies for adults whom they especially want represented: women, queer folk, and visible minorities. Nothing, though, if you're a straight, white man from Alberta who doesn't have enough money to make it out there. While I would have qualified on the first two counts, I refrained from tapping into the pool so that people who need it more than a university professor could take advantage of it. I hope other people in my position did the same.

Meag said...

I sincerely hope so too!

There is also the possibility of applying for subsidies through local riding associations. I'm not entirely sure where you all live but depending on the size of your riding assoc. you may be able to get some funding.

Also - I know that some people in Hamilton did some fundraising for themselves.

If you are willing to get your hands dirty a little I think there are ways to make it work. Depends on how much you really wish to attend, I suppose.

bruno_canada said...

I have created a button for the bloggers lunch

everyone is to feel free to steal it from my blog
Bruno's Canada

pamused said...

i'd be into meeting up with you folks too, provided i'm not up to my eyeballs in floor work with the quebec delegation. i'll check for updates to the meet-up deets, but just in case, you may want to post it on one of the delegate bulletin boards on site (non-cyber ones, of course).

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Great! Can you either email me at idealisticpragmatist at gmail dot com or leave your email address here? I'll get back to you with time and place.

Anonymous said...

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