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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Has the NDP been giving the Tories a free ride?

Over the last couple of days, between the zillion and one other things I've been doing, I've been jotting down notes for a post that would repudiate the Liberal accusations that the NDP has been concentrating on attacking the Liberals and ignoring the Conservatives. I was going to use this rabble poster's analysis as a springboard, and lift relevant quotes from Question Period.

I'm scrapping plans for the post, though, because my fellow oxymoron over at Accidental Deliberations has put it much better than I would have anyway. Go read it, and then vote for it over at Progressive Bloggers. This one needs to propagate beyond the Blogging Dippers.

[Update: Apparently, the best Liberal bloggers can do to refute the Jurist's fine analysis and the data from the rabble poster is to regurgitate a Larry Zolf editorial. What, no original words at all? No facts, no specifics, no evidence? Come on, guys, you're not even trying, here. How disappointing.]

[Upperdate: The Jurist at Accidental Deliberations is back with an equally excellent debunking of the assertions in the Zolf editorial. You can move that post up in the Progressive Bloggers rankings here.]


Anonymous said...

They not only have been giving the tories a free ride but have also been pretty complacent in the annhilation of Canadas social programs, etc. Check it out for yourself. Ipposted a comment on these boards back in december when the NDP triggered the election that they would suffer the same fate as the social credit party. BYE BYE!

Heres an editorial on this topic.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


I was convinced by the reams of evidence offered up by the rabble poster's numbers and the analysis offered up over at Accidental Deliberations, but now I have read your comment and that editorial, and I have SEEN THE LIGHT! Blind, but now I see, I tell you! Pretty words count more than facts! Vote Liberal!

Joshua Kubinec said...

Don't mind the Liberals IP, they're just mad that we just went through an ENTIRE SESSION OF PARLIMENT and they have absolutely nothing to show for it aside from looking really pathetic. When it comes down to it, all I have seen from the Liberal party in the last while is blaming everyone else for the terrible state of affairs in our country.

The ironic thing is that things really haven't changed all that much here in Canada. We still have a government who is pulling the same tricks as the Liberal party was while they were in power. The only real difference between now and last session of parliament is that the name on the ruling side of the bench has changed.

Deanna said...

Zolf is clearly a Liberal shill, anonymous. "The NDP is Floundering"?

Have you guys even looked at the Liberals lately?

wilson61 said...

When you won't admit that you screwed up, what do you do? Blame someone else.

After being in government forever it is curious that they don't know what they stand for. Of course, that is the reason they were kicked to the curb by Canadians.
Yes there was Adscam, but the willingness to believe that the rot did not go thru and thru was there for Canadians. The Liberals failed to prove that the Conservatives couldn't do better.

And PMSH is doing well. Things are getting done, even if you don't agree with the policies, things are happening.

Liberals are a hollow vessel.
Dippers pointing that out was humiliating for them.

robedger said...

Why would you spend your energy apologizing for the NDP rather than urging them to be more vocal in opposition to the Conservatives?

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


If you can make as compelling a case that the NDP isn't opposing the Conservatives as the Jurist and that rabble poster have made that they are (i.e., a case that's based on actual data rather than on what someone else has been telling you is going on) then just maybe I will. I've said plenty of critical things about the NDP in the past and am perfectly willing to do so again.

Go on, give it a shot! I await your post with bated breath.

wilson61 said...

The only real opposition the Cons. had recently IS the Dippers. Hence all the ammendments to the FAA.

Earth to Liberals, the NDP is NOT an extension of the Liberal Party. They are the competition !

Anonymous said...

Mr Wilson61,
Do you not read news other than what you find on a blog? The fact is that their would be no amendemnets made to the FAA by the Liberals or the Bloc due to the NDP agreeing to have a sort of deal where they get to amend the FAA while kepping CPC in power. The ramifications of this is that the CPC lets the NDP do something minor and then take credit for doing something much like one does with a child with a learning disorder or servere mental deficiencies.

Tell me how great amendments the NDP introduced FAA are if they are amendments that the CPC let them have? The Conservatives are just letting you look effective to people to deflect liberal votes next time around because he knows the NDP can never form a government. Harpers crafty and he is using the NDP to help his majority numbers. And to top it off you guys gloat about it like it is something to be proud of when actually you are the fools.

wilson61 said...

NDP want to replace Libs on the left.
Libs have USED the NDP for years. Made them deals they never kept. PMSH is keeping his promises to Jack.

repeat: the NDP is NOT an extension of the Liberal Party. They are the competition !
Cons and NDP are not competing for the same vote.

I am a very blue Conservative, not a Dipper.

Why the crying? Libs got Buzz. And prison inmates. And Hedy Fry. Go Hedy Go