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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blog-mining gone wrong

Many of you will already know from personal experience that if you have a blog that's been around for any amount of time, you'll occasionally get a note from a reader asking you to help them with some cause or another, or help them gang up on another blogger, or somesuch. Occasionally it's someone you know, and that's fine, but more often it's someone who claims to have read your blog when they've actually just collected emails through one of the blog aggregators you belong to.

Since I'm a member of the "big-tent" Progressive Bloggers, this has led to a couple of pretty amusing examples of this. The most recent one, and the best one yet, was from someone asking for my help in promoting Ken Dryden's campaign for the Liberal leadership, including a plea for help from "people who care about the Party" (capitalization not mine).

The possibilities are endless, no? And on April Fools' Day, no less.

[Update: This post was immediately voted to the top of the Progressive Bloggers page. Hee! I love you guys!]

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Dave said...

Yup. I got that one too.