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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Election questions

Because I don't want to wait for Paul Wells' undoubtedly more expansive, but still much slower-to-arrive data:

If we do end up having a Yule election, will it annoy you, or is it more "the sooner the better"? If it does annoy you, whom will you blame for the early call? And will your annoyance affect how you vote?


KevinG said...

Go now!

kurichina said...

It will probably be inconvenient, but I'll still try to vote. If it happens, I'll blame the Liberals for (a) scheduling the opposition days when they did, (b) not presenting a good enough proposal to the NDP to win their support and (c) refusing to go along with the opposition's resolution for the February election. Yes, that wasn't traditional, I know, but I felt it was a good compromise.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Will your change your vote because of the way you were inconvenienced, or would you have voted the same way anyway?

JG said...

I'm far too much of a political junkie to view an election as anything but a fun event... and a nice Christmas present.

Matt said...

I'm likely to blame the NDP for a Yule election, despite my general sympathies for the party. I think that Layton allowed himself to be hoodwinked into playing silly games this season, and set up an ultimatum he knew the Liberals would refuse. It would have been far better to keep focussing on incremental issues.
I suspect that he's lost the moral high ground by forcing the issue earlier than need be, which was a mistake, since I don't think that the NDP stands to win anything from an earlier election, and Gomery doesn't help the NDP.
A Christmas election does bug me as a political junkie, because I like to have time to follow the campaign, and won't over the holidays. It also cuts into my Christmas visiting with political friends in Ottawa.
As a voter, I am almost always on the knife's edge between voting Liberal and NDP. Part of me would like to vote Liberal to register my discontent with Layton's bungling of this issue. But I live in one of the safest Liberal ridings in the country, so it probably wouldn't matter a hill of beans if I did.

kurichina said...

IP: To answer your question, no, my vote is based on bigger issues than election timing. It just means the Liberals will the target of my mean-spirited grumbling. (Big threat, I know! :P )

Anonymous said...

I will vote no matter when the election is called. I will always vote.

The timing of the election will not affect my vote, either.

Declan said...

It would be annoying because I'd have to vote in the advance polls but it wouldn't change my vote.

I think that anyone who would choose a representative based on their irritation over the timing must not care too much about the country. But on the other hand, the effect is probably more subtle than that.

Sort of the way nobody would ever admit to buying a certain type of orange juice because they saw an ad for it, but companies spend millions of dollars on ads for orange juice all the same.