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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Desperately seeking Tory

The level-headed stalwart of the Blogging Tories, Bound By Gravity, is no more. Other people seem to have seen this coming, but I sure didn't, and it's a sad, sad thing. Andrew was the great unifier; his readers came from all across the political spectrum, and his comments section was always one of the few places in the Canadian blogosphere where the various sides actually showed each other respect. It wasn't neutral ground, but Andrew's strong sense of character almost made it feel that way.

So I suppose I'm on the lookout for a substitute. A Blogging Tory who writes well, who's firmly grounded in rational thought, who makes me think, who's respectful of opinions other than his or her own, and who's never used the word 'moonbat' except in a quote from someone else. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Another Tory I enjoy reading is:

There was more commenting and debate on Andrew's site, but Greg Staples definitely creates a welcoming environment for all political stripes, though he himself supports the Conservatives.

Note that he is primarily interested in interpreting polls although he does excellent political commentary as well.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Thanks, I'll check him out!

Oxford County Liberals said...

We have a few Blogging Tories (4 of em I believe) who are also members of The Progressive Bloggers.... I dont know if you're counting them or not... or only the BT's who are not members of the same groups.. but I find our dual members always write interesting pieces

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Well, I'm actually more interested in finding someone who, like Andrew, I'm not likely to ever agree with, but who approaches discussion and debate with a respectful and thoughtful tone. (Mostly because I don't think it's healthy to read only people you agree with.) But I'd be interested in the Tory Progressives, too -- which ones are they?