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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another game!

Remember the game we played a couple years back of "Joe Lieberman or Chuck Cadman"? Well, how about a game of "Reality or West Wing"?

On the Republican side, a relatively early winner, but still a dark horse candidate whom no one expected to actually be able to pull it off. A comparative outsider to his own party, loathed and mistrusted by the old guard, but a crossover hit with independents. Aging, but still fiesty. Someone known for "telling it like it is." Someone who has to pick a social conservative he can't stand--a former opponent in the primaries--as his running mate in order to win his own party's trust.

On the Democratic side, a bitterly fought nomination that ends up lasting a lot longer than anybody expected. After Super Tuesday, people start speculating that it could actually last all the way to a brokered convention, which makes political junkies everywhere pee themselves with excitement. The convention itself is a circus, but in the end, the inspirational young guy with no real foreign policy experience prevails against all expectations and goes on to become the first candidate of his ethnicity to win the nomination. And in the general election, it ends up being spun as youth vs. age, and as experience vs. new blood.

All right, all right, this one's a little more obvious than the last one: so far it's just West Wing. But it could be, who knows?

(If a nuclear accident in California ends up giving Obama the push he needs to win, though, I'm outta here.)


West End Bob said...

You are too clever, IP.

Quite a scenario going on down there, eh?

The rest of the "season" should be quite interesting, with or without the Writer's Guild . . . . :-)

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

It really will!'s so fun to hear you say "down there"! Congratulations on your landing, and a big hug from me.

James Bow said...

The problem with that analogy is that if the California scenario came true, it would be George W. Bush who would have to handle the disaster.



West End Bob said...

IP: Thanks for the big hug, and right back at 'cha!

James: We did run away, and are very glad we did . . . .

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Okay, that's a frightening thought. *shudder*