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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Unofficial 2007 Blogging Dipper Awards

Apparently, I have been nominated for the "Best Feminist Dipper Blog" award in Uncorrected Proofs' Unofficial 2007 Blogging Dipper Awards. Gosh. I'm afraid my feminist content here is actually pretty meagre. I mean, I've always been partial to this ancient post, but it seems auspicious that its first sentence is "I'm never going to win any awards as a feminist." And it wasn't written in 2007, either.

Anyway, if you're interested in voting, feel free to drop an email to My personal choice in that category is Politics 'n Poetry, though.


Alberta Dipper said...

Hey, bravo on the nomination. Even if you don't figure you deserve it, obviously someone does!

berlynn said...

Hey there, Idealist Pragmatist, the personal is political, so everything you post is feminist if you're a feminist! Congrats on the nomination and thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of awards, the Canadian blog award nominations are going on, and you have been nominated in a couple of categories.

Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

Come back, IP, come back!