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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MMP: Tom Kent, Andrew Coyne, and lawn signs

Tom Kent, the former principal assistant to Lester Pearson, has a great column in the Globe and Mail today about MMP.

Andrew Coyne has published a few good zingers
at his blog that he couldn't work into his official columns on MMP. The last paragraph is great, but this line is so wonderful and so true that I wish I'd thought of it myself: [MMP] wouldn't mean the end of majority governments, but the beginning.

If you live in Ontario, but you don't have a "vote for MMP" sign on your lawn or in your window, consider contacting your local riding contact for an official one or even printing out your own.


Anonymous said...

I'm told that they don't distribute lawn signs, posting outdoor signs only on public property, but that may just be a choice in our riding. They do distribute posters and small signs, suitable for posting in a window, in a car, or on an office door.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...


Thanks for the additional information!

JG said...

I have a "vote for MMP" button on my backpack, and I've strewn some pamphlets around the office. Perhaps I'll try putting them in the lounge...?