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Monday, March 06, 2006

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog-lover

The U.S.-based "ezine" takes on the pressing, age-old question of whether it is actually the case that conservatives like dogs, while liberals prefer cats. Their findings are striking:

As you can see, Very Liberal women are most likely to own (green) cats, while Very Conservative men are most likely to own (blue) dogs. Fascinated, I decided to run this by my own three cats for a more nativist perspective. Dot said something that sounded like "Mrrrt," while Star merely stared at me. Grizabella, on the other hand, just said that she'd never heard of either a green cat or a blue dog. (She always was the smart one.)

Of course, this timely and essential research by our friends south of the border demands that we also ask how their findings might translate to the Canadian context. If you ask me, it seems likely that those dog-loving Republicans would probably find their closest cousins in the Conservative Party of Canada, while those cat-loving Democrats would be most akin to the Liberals. And the NDP? Why, we prefer mice, of course.

(Hat tip to Pandagon.)

[Update: Okay, the comments from the cats are my crazy roommate. No, really, they are. I do seem to be on some sort of unplanned post-election serious-post hiatus, but I haven't gone that far off the deep end. Just saying.]


Anonymous said...

I didn't stare blankly. That was a meaningful and insightful look, in which I conveyed much intelligent thought about the political demographics of pet owners, and you were simply unable to interpret it. I can't believe after this long together you still thing I'm nothing more than a cute ball of fur!

- Star

Anonymous said...

You totally misquoted me. I said, "Mrrph," which, loosely translated, means, 'why haven't you fed me yet.' The only politics I care about are the politics of food. FEED ME NOW!

With love,


Anonymous said...

It's true, I've never seen a blue dog or a green cat, or any combination thereof. But then again, how much can I really see in the living room, anyway? My experiences could be a lot broader, you know, and a lot more colorful, if you weren't holding me back.

No love,


NB: I didn't forget the 'u' in color. Some of us are still American around here!

Anonymous said...

I'm really disturbed about this, now. You have always thought Grizzy was the smart one. Meanwhile, Dot can extort food from anybody, at any time. Tell me that doesn't take talent! And me? I can get downstairs all by myself, and I think that's just one example of the kind of logic of which I'm capable.

See if I sleep with you tonight!

- Star

Anonymous said...

I agree with Star. You don't appreciate us for who we really are. It's obvious you need to spend less time online and more time feeding meeeeee!

Still without love,


Anonymous said...

God, the whining from certain quarters of this house! Memememememe! All the time! I'm gonna come up there and knot some tails together!

(Obviously I don't mean you, ID. I wuv you.)


- Grizzie

kurichina said...

Actually, cats, I reckon, are conservatives of the corporate variety. They help themselves to all the food and perks that come from living with humans (corporate welfare) but nonetheless act as if they are true independents, who've raised themselves up purely though their own 'ingenuity and hard work'. :) Therefore, they resent the welfare handed out to other cats. (At least, I've never known a cat who didn't resent other cats eating from the same food dish.)

Matt said...

I haven't gone that far off the deep end.

You mean that you didn't have to pass a language exam in "cat" in order to qualify for your PhD? Maybe it's just a history thing then...

Anonymous said...

{sigh} Nobody cares about people with non-mammalian pets.