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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bill Graham: continuing Martin's legacy

So, Bill Graham is saying this morning that the Liberals won't be willing to work with the government on any measures that don't accommodate their own policy, even if it means triggering an election. Which, you know, that's certainly their right, and given Harper's rather rocky stint as PM so far, a game of chicken may actually be good politics right now.

But would someone please get these people some anti-arrogance training? There are far, far humbler ways of sending the very same message--they don't have to blame everyone but themselves for being kept away from their rightful places on the government side of the aisle. How about: "we'd work with the Conservatives if they were willing to be reasonable, but we won't compromise our core principles"? How about: "we're the Official Opposition, and we're going to do a damn fine job opposing this government"? Or even: "In Mr. Harper's very first day as prime minister, he proved all on his own that his government isn't going to be worth supporting"?


Anonymous said...

I don't actually think Bill Graham could say "our core principles" with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Ah, see, you'll be laughed right out of politics with level headed language like that! ... Now I wonder, is it the public who is getting dumber, or the media who thinks we won't demand higher standards? ... Come to think of it, if we don't demand it, it won't come...