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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Northern Voice 2006

Is anyone else out there considering going to Northern Voice, the Canadian Blogging Conference?


LeoPetr said...

Well, you know. As a poor student, I can't exactly cross the cuontry just to go to a party. Blogging seems to be too broad a concept to have conferences.^-^

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Yeah? I think it would be a hoot, if a whole bunch of us actually showed up. You know, putting a name to a face, seeing whether people who argue online actually have the same things to argue about in person, discussing various topics about blogging. I've been to events similar to this for other online communities, and I've adored them. But I understand the "poor student" and "far away" problems.

For me it's more an issue of the fact that this is the weekend before Reading Week, and I'm already planning on driving south via Vancouver the *following* week, so do I really want to do that two weekends in a row? Eh.