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Monday, April 11, 2005

Nice chewy data

A new EKOS poll is out. Some tidbits:

If a federal election were held today in Canada, the leader of the Conservative Party would become Prime Minister. If people were to change their minds, the second choice among most Canadians would be the NDP (social democrats). Fifty percent of Quebeckers would vote for the separatists, and the NDP is in first place in B.C. and the Prairies. Among Canadians who make less than $20K a year, the NDP is the first choice, and among Canadians who make $100K a year or more, the Liberals are the first choice.

Sixty-two percent of Canadians surveyed think an election call should wait until after the inquiry is complete.

Sixty percent of Canadians surveyed think the current Prime Minister was involved in the sponsorship scandal.

Social issues remain at the top of the list of important issues in the next election (even before "ethics and accountability").

Sixteen percent of Canadians surveyed have still not heard of the sponsorship scandal. (???)

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